June 15, 2007

Only US Congress, World Far-Right Worried About China

According to a world-wide public opinion poll published by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, most people in the world are not bothered by the rise of China. The results of the poll reveal some interesting bed-fellows. For example, the biggest positive response to China comes from Latin Americans -- majorities in Mexico, Peru, and Argentina all viewed China positively. As did Iranians and Israelis and most people in Thailand. The most negative responses were in United States and its satellites the Philippines and South Korea and among the French. Anti-China feelings in the United States are a legacy of the barrage of anti-China propaganda fed to Americans for generations by Henry Luce and his media empire and far-right anti-China groups and media outlets that continue to warp Americans minds about China.

Most intriguing, the majority of the people polled around the world were equally distrustful of the USA and China.

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