January 19, 2007


As if In lockstep behind their imperial leader, Canada, Australia, Britain, South Korea, and Japan, are following the USA's condemnation of a Chinese satellite missile test which the Pentagon claims occurred last week.

The story, hardly newsworthy, is front page news all across America but the subhead in the LA Times sums it up best: "The U.S. and Soviet Union abandoned the practice in the 1980s." In fact, just last week the head of Roskosmos (Russia's Federal Space Agency) Anatoly Perminov said China was 30 years behind the Russians in space technology and they would not transfer any new technology to China.

So why the phony outrage? Probably to back up the Bush administration's desire to continue developing "star wars" weaponry, giant lasers that could zap satellites and missiles from the ground. Star Wars programs have sopped up billions in taxpayer money since Ronald Reagan first championed the idea. The science and viability of Star Wars has been discredited. But Bu$hCo won't give it up and actually encapsulated their necessity in the USA's new National Space Policy last year, thereby ending the legacy of John F. Kennedy who wanted space exploration to have only peaceful aims.

Is China alerting the world that it has the capability of creating space weapons and challenging the USA in space? Can the world be surprised when it is the USA government that won't permit China's involvement in the International Space Station? If nothing else, this action renews our call to let China participate in peaceful cooperation in space.

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