August 23, 2006

Sherrod Brown: He's On Taiwan's Side

As the voters of Ohio decide how to vote in the Senate race between Democrat Sherrod Brown and Republican Mike DeWine (the incumbent) they might ask whether their Senator will work for Ohio or wealthy special interests in places like Los Angeles?

The Democrats say DeWine is beholden to big oil and drug companies and a GOP in$ider while Republicans say Brown is on labor union payrolls but what’s never mentioned by either side -- or the press -- is Brown’s devotion to Taiwan money.

Sherrod Brown is co-chairman and founder of the Taiwan Congressional Caucus (along with other anti-China blowhards such as arch conservative Dana Rohrabacher of California). The Taiwan Congressional Caucus is a bipartisan group shaped by the heavy hitters of Taiwan influence peddling such as TECRO, Formosan Assoc. for Public Affairs, and the Formosa Foundation whose Chairman, Donald S. Lee, is a Sherrod Brown campaign contributor.

Brown believes Taiwan is a “miracle” democracy and aims to end the USA’s long-standing and delicate “one China” policy. But for whom – the people of Ohio or an unpopular fringe element thousands of miles away determined to maintain control of Taiwan?

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