June 27, 2006

UPDATE on Don Keyser Case


Don Keyser's sentencing, delayed for the fourth time, was to be decided June 23 but was delayed yet again by the prosecution led by David Laufman (President George Bush's nominee to be Inspector General of the Defense Department) which intends to present classified information that will elevate the Keyser proceedings to an "espionage-related case."

But the details of the charges will not be made public as the prosecution's brief and the hearing scheduled for no later than August 9 will be in secret.

Bogota (Colombia) born Judge T. S. Ellis III indicated that if differences ensue -- and most likely they will as Keyser is represented by former President Bill Clinton's Assistant Attorney General Robert Litt, currently a partner at DC heavyweight law firm Arnold & Porter -- the case could drag on indefinitely. Sadly, perhaps this is the true aim of both sides?

So why is this important? Read the whole story at Sinomania! China News HERE.

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