July 25, 2005

C.K. Yang at the Rome Olympics

The 17th Olympics began on August 15, 1960, in Rome, Italy. Although the International Olympic Committee (IOC) had recognized Taiwan's membership as " Republic of China Olympic Committee," the IOC later informed that Taiwan's Delegation must compete in the Games as "Taiwan." At the opening ceremony of the Games, when the athletes entered the field, Taiwan's enormous 73-person team had no name on their uniforms as they stood before a placard reading, "Taiwan." The national flag of the Republic of China was born onto the field by C. K. Yang. As the delegation passed the grandstands, Chef de Mission Lin Hung-tan unfurled a banner reading, "Under Protest," and was welcomed by furious applause from the spectators.

Taiwan participated in the games under protest

C. K. Yang did not disappoint the expectations of the audience in his decathlon to collect 8, 344 points to break Olympic records and received a silver medal, thus beginning Taiwan's Olympic medal record. A film was made of the Rome Olympics and shown everywhere in the world. The movie includes the 1,500 meter run, the last event of the track and field competition, with an impressive shot of the American athlete Johnson and C. K. Yang vying for the gold.

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